​​​​Sammy The Frog

​Jamie Chester always had a dream to become a children’s book author. Going back to her early years growing up in Michigan, she was encouraged by a childhood friend to take up running.  Her love for running grew and grew over the years from her high school track, to the road, nature trails, and Lake Michigan’s beautiful sandy beaches. Along with her love for animals, especially frogs at the time she came up with our favorite friend Sammy the Frog.  Jamie started structuring the first book Sammy and His Lucky Hat around this special character and developed a story line centered around health and fitness and a message that would empower young readers to believe in themselves.

Even though the realization of publishing Sammy and His Lucky Hat was not immediately realized, she held it close to her heart while pursuing her next big goal of getting a college degree.  Jamie accomplished that in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree from Davenport University.  She immediately started a career in Accounting following her graduation and has continued to build an incredible resume throughout the years.

As time went on Sammy the Frog still had not yet been realized.  However this dream to publish Sammy and His Lucky Hat  took on even more meaning when her daughter was born in 2011.  The love she felt for her daughter really put more of an emphasis on giving an inspiring and encouraging message of Sammy the Frog.  Jamie didn't like the  pictures she drew for Sammy and His Lucky  so she asked her mother  Dawn Evans to illustrate the pictures because she is an artist.  Jamie was relentless on her pursuit to publish this book and with great joy saw this come to reality in 2012.  However she didn't stop there; her daughter and her beloved dog Storm encouraged her creativity even further.     Sammy’s adventures, friendships, and lessons grew.  Additional books and ideas began to take life, leading to an entire series of books that encourage all ages of readers to believe in their dreams, build confidence, and establish good positive habits.

About the Author: Jamie Chester